Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online


Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online (Build a $ 1 Million Online Business)

These are the top 5 ways to make money online in 2022 and build a profitable online business that can grow up to 7 points. So after creating the thousands of online money making strategy we talked about in our previous blogs and article on how to make money online. I am finally going to tell you about the 5 best online businesses you should start in 2022. These are businesses that I now run or have run in the past. So I know they work and I know they have a huge potential to make money online. And choosing the right online business from the beginning is very important because of how hard you work in the business or how much time you spend on it. If business does not have potential, it is important to pick a few of the five that we will talk about in this article. So before we jump into our computers, be sure to drop a Like at the bottom and subscribe for our latest updates. And let’s get started … Faceless YouTube Automation The first online business in our list is Faceless YouTube Automation. It’s basically making money without making videos on YouTube and without showing your face. You know how many big YouTubers there are, for example, Graham Stephens, he’s a huge finance YouTuber, and he’s earning millions of dollars every year from his YouTube channel. But the thing with that is that Graham Stephen is the only one. There is a limit to the number of videos he can shoot in a day. He doesn’t really make that business big; Obviously, he’s making a lot of money, but he’s not really getting to the point where he needs to shoot videos all day and can make as much money as he does. But if there is someone else to create content for it. He can scale the theme of the people who create the video and he can run it and run his YouTube channel as a business, not the creator, and really what Faceless YouTube automation looks like. Works. I currently run my basic online business. I have various youtube channels that do not show my face; I ask other people to create content for them. Then I make some money from other revenue brand deals, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing and all the great stuff. I really like the very different tutorials on both this and the main channel that I talk about how YouTube Automation works and how you can start that business from scratch. So I think you’ve seen some of them. If not, you can go to the channel and watch them. Their topic is how to make money on youtube without making videos in general, I tried to explain it in detail. Obviously, this does not cover every step of the process in a 10 minute long video. But it is a really lucrative business so you can only get an idea of ​​how the business works. And I think it’s one of the best online businesses in 2022 and it’s so easy, there’s nothing big to think about. Yes, I would also like to say that you do not have to start paying from the beginning. You can start a business for free because you can get free online resources and create content from stock footage, videos, photos and the like. And you can also look inside those tutorials and I will show you how to do it step by step. In addition, we are completely free and later, you can grow the business by hiring someone else for you. But from the very beginning, you can do it yourself; It does not require much time and effort, but it is completely free. Affiliate Marketing is the second online business affiliate marketing on our list; This means that instead of creating a product and making it a sales page where you approve the product and distribute all the items, you can actually take someone else’s influence, someone else’s sales page and promote it as an affiliate and earn affiliate commission when someone buys that product or service through your affiliate link. For example, you can also promote Amazon products even though I do not recommend them because they only pay a few percentage points like three to four percent of sales per product, which is a very small difference. For example, you see a lamp-like promotion that costs ten dollars on Amazon, so you do not have a lamp. You have no list; You are not sending the lamp, you are not customer support, you are not talking to the customer. All you have to do is grab a link to that lamp and share it with your friend or family or those who clicked on your link on the internet. If you put ten dollars in the lamp you will get two dollars. Three dollars to refer to that person or to someone and there are many ways you can promote those products. If you prefer affiliate marketing over Google, many will tell you that the first advice is to implement paid advertising for affiliate marketing offers, which I do not highly recommend due to the cost of advertising such as Facebook or Google or YouTube. Growing every year. It is not advisable to spend more money to promote affiliate offers. You can do this in many ways and it is best to combine YouTube automation with previous online business and affiliate marketing.

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