SOps Training schedule of Teachers

 Training on, “SOPs for Reopening Schools across Punjab”
20th August – 10 September, 2020
1. Training of CEOs & DEOs 20-22nd August 2020 
2. Training of SLDP Master Trainers 24-26th August 2020
3. Training of Head Teachers 27-08-2020 to 02-09-2020
4. Training of District QAED Heads 24-26th August 2020
5. Training of District QAED SS/s 24-26th August 2020
6. Training of Dy. DEOs and Eos 27-29th August 2020
7. Training of AEOs 31-08-2020 to 5th September 2020
8. Training of PSTs   3rd Sep to 10th September 2020

 Check your date and time of below to check.

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