Short literary Terms

 *💫Most Important Terms in Literature🔥* 


it is a type of drama in which characters amuse the audience and it ends happily .


Classical means a piece of literature that shows the traditions and modes of Greek and Latin writings.


It means reversal of something It describes the opposite of something or someone.  


It is used for direct reference it can be an idea,person or piece of text.


 It is used to reveal the true story or hidden meanings.In this type of term characters stand for an abstract idea.Its purpose is to moralize people.   


It is a stylistics device used to describe the the repetition of a consonant in 2 or more words.


It is a form of verse.It is a poem or song which describes the story in stanzas.


It is the type of literature genre in which history of a person’s life written by one else.

🌷Blank Verse

It is the type of verse written in iambic pentameter.there is no any rhyme pattern that is why it is called Blank verse.


It is bio data of one’s life written by the same person.


It is the important division of  a play .In which we can see rising action, climax and resolution of the play.


It is the type of poetic term  in which long poems divided into many sections .


Chorus were very important in Greek plays they were stand for group of singers who narrates the circumstances and used to comment on the pathetic conditions of a tragic hero.


It is the purification of feelings and emotions in tragedy and arouses the elements of pity and fear in audience.


It is the end of the hero or downfall of the tragic hero in a tragedy. 


It is the type of poetry used to aim at teaching something  instructional to its readers. 


It is the kind of song that expresses mourning or grief.


It is the use or choice of words,selection of words in literary work 


It can be a language of specific area or a group of people .

》Difference between drama and novel

Drama is for performance while a novel is for reading. 


It is long poem.It  has grand style and always have supernatural characters.Paradise Los by Milton.


It can be the concluding part of a play novel or poem .


It is the kind of story that describes the story based on  morality. 


It is a comic work aim to provoke laughter in audience. 


It is the basic unit of meter in poem.It is usually contains one stressed syllable .


It is the type of prose fiction in which imaginations plays an important part. 


it refers to a classification of English literature.


It  is taken from Greek word which means over-casting .It is a figure of speech writers used to exaggerate thing.


It is the kind of poem which has five line  stanza.

●Metaphysical Poetry

It is highly philosophical discusses the maters of love and existence of life.It was first coined by Samuel Johnson.


Metaphor is a figure of speech that describes the things or objects,actions that is not true literally true .


It is extensive than a short story and less than a novel.


It is a lyric poem which deals with serious matters.


it is the beginning of a fiction or a drama.


It was movement  in literature which stands for reason and focuses on emotions and feelings.


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