PPSC original English Lecturer paper 2015

 📚PPSC Lecturer Recruitment 2015.


🔯1)Repetition of same vowel sound ?


🔯2)The poet who used extensive alliteration ?


🔯3)Wuthering heights written by ?

☑Emily Brontë

🔯4)The poem “Byzantium” is written about ?

☑Imaginary city

🔯5)Carl sadburg born at ?


🔯6)T.S Eliot was ?

☑American by birth; British from 1927

🔯7)Wasteland of Eliot is dedicated to ?

☑Ezra Pound

🔯8)Shakespeare acted in one of plays of ?

☑Ben johnson

🔯9)Elizabeth Sewell born in ?


🔯10) Linguistics is combination of ______ words ?


🔯11)Sound produced with obstruction of air ?


🔯12)Semantics meaning ?

☑“Study of meanings”

🔯13)Word language consists of two_____ words


🔯14)Simon is character in one of ________ novels


🔯15)”Everyman in his humour” written by ?

☑Ben johnson

🔯16) Caretaker written by ?


🔯17)Waiting for Godot’s originol language ?


🔯18) Stream of consciousness ?

☑Virginia woolf

🔯19) “Sejanus” is satirical tragedy by ?

☑Ben johnson

🔯20)Unified sensibility ?


🔯21)Winding Stair is poem by ?


🔯22) Synaethesia

☑Unification of senses

🔯23) Time machine-the invisible man written by ?

☑H.G Wells

🔯24)The egoist written by ?

☑George Meredith

🔯25) Hardy’s own classification of novels?


🔯26)George Eliot wrote Adam Bede at age of ?


🔯27)Age of George Eliot ?


🔯28) Chaucer was ?

☑sarcastic poet

🔯29)Renaissance period ?


🔯30)King Lear written in ?

☑1603 to 1606

🔯31)17th century’s historical event ?

☑Civil war

🔯32)Paradise lost was written in ?


🔯33)1660 – 1790 is rise of ?

🔀I chose⚛ “Drama” ⚛but it’s not confirm.Kindly confirm it ??in comment😊

🔯34)Literature became secular towards end of ?

☑18th century

🔯35)Tragicomedy of Shakespeare is also called ?

☑Reconciliation play

🔯36)Type of literature,art or music is called ?


🔯37)Enthusiastic addiction to study of Greek and Roman antiquity led to ?

♏🔀None (Because it led to hellenism,romantism)🔴

🔯38)Prospero was protagonist of ?

☑The Tempest

🔯39)Age of Pope is called?


🔯40)Metaphysical poet is essay by ?

☑T.S Eliot

🔯41) Treatise on liberty written by ?

☑Martin Luther

🔯42)Figure of speech,exaggeration for emphasis ?


🔯43) Adonis written for ?


🔯44)Songs of innocence and experience belong to ?

☑William Blake

🔯45)Original title of Pride and Prejudice

☑First Impressions

🔯46)Shelley’s first work?

☑Queen Mab

🔯47)First writer of Picaresque novel ?

🔀➰I chose ✡Thackeray✡.Kindly confirm it. Plz in comment😊

🔯48)The road not taken by Frost is included in his collection ?

☑Mountain Interval

🔯49)Bacon was intellectually great but morally weak.Who said this ?


🔯50)Swift’s irony fused into ?


🔯51)Nothing is beneath science,nor above science.who said ?

🔀I chose ✡Russell✡

🔯52)Bird in “Ancient mariner” ?


🔯53) Milton got blind in age of ?


🔯54)Hemingway’s nick in later age ?


🔯55)Donne’s faith ?


🔯56)John Keats gave up career of ____ to become a poet


🔯57) Poet who studied at Cambridge but got no degree ?

☑ST Colerdige

🔯58) Which century is most important epoch in intellectual history ?


🔯59)During age of Chaucer,England passed through ?


🔯60)Marlow’s primitive tragedy ?


🔯61)Shakespeare comedy rival ?

☑Ben Jonson

🔯62)Shakespeare comedy contain continental and ?


🔯63) Shakespeare’s heroines have ?

☑Feminine traits

🔯64)Who emerged as philosopher in “Merchant of Venice” ?


🔯65) Which play started with incident of ship wreck ?

?😟 Please comment

🔯66)Sir Gwain and Green knight poems were written in ___ age


🔯67)Process of introducing new words ?


🔯68)War between flesh and spirit in which novel of Hardy ?

☑Jude of the Obscure

🔯69)Norman conquest in ?


🔯70)Queen Elizabeth descended throne from ?

☑🔀1. Robert Stuart 2. Robert…. 3. James Stuart⚛?

🔯71)University wits estimated literary period is little more than …….. years.

☑🔀10 years, 8 years, 7 years, 6 years✡









🔯76) Obdurate











🔯81)Ulysses poem was written by?


🔯82)Far fetched metaphor ?


🔯83)Because I couldnot stop for death written by ?

☑Emily Dickinson

🔯84)Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath were?

☑Husband and wife

🔯85. People do not exist in _______but in functioning______


🔯86. The military

 censors______passages in letters that they thought might_____ security.


🔯87. Only a ____person could be ______to the suffering of people


🔯88. Volcanic rock very often looks shiny because it had been _____


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