PPSC lecturer English paper 2017

1. Jealousy said by iago.green eyed monster

2. Paradise Lost : ways of god to man

3. Othello not insecure about: his rank

4. She dwells with beauty: ode on melancholy

5. keats negative capability: to empathise

6. Shakespeare play confirm 3 unities: 12th night

7. Poetry is spontaneous overflow of Powerful feelings : wordsworth

8. Not dramatic foils: emilia n desdemona

9. Hamlet set in: Denmark

10. Lovers awake at (rape of lock): Noon

11. Inspire dream of belina: Ariel

12. Hamartia also known as: tragic flaw

13. Statement comprises egsaggiration: Hyperbole

14. essay Metaphysical poets by: eliot

15. Pickwick papers by: dickens

16. Andra del sorto by: Browning

17. Prejudice in pride n prejudice: elizabeth

18: earth is perfct palce for love: briches

19. Gulliver left Brodbingag: carriage by eagle

20: has brooch love conquers all: Prioress

21. Pip consider his helper: Miss havisham

22. Promise to die for lucie: Sydney carton

23. Whose murderer should be banished to get rid of plauge: Liaus

24: Oedipus rex and his father common: over ride fate

25. Polonius consider Hamlet mad: love of ophellia

26: Darcy proposes elizabeth at: netherfield

27: lyrical Ballads by : both ST col and Wordswoth

28: santiago dreams: lions on beach

29: for whom the bell tolls: spanish civil war

30: ineffectual angel: Shelly

31: govt of salem inCrucible: Therocracy

32: poetry is criticism of life: Arnold

33: Hemmingway nick name: papa

34: adam bede : realism

35: Adam bede not go to ireland: hetty in jail

36: Augutan age: early 18

37: crown of wild olives : Ruskin

38: cast (pearls) before swine

39. Definition of paralellism

40 : Metal make wires : Dectile

41: you (can) better take off your wet shoes.

42: cupboard is (Too) big /to/ enter in door.

43: I (Intrlude) upon in his privacy.

44: Question about 18th amendment. I guess

45: English is spoken by all over the world.

46: Semiotics: Study of communication

47: Chomsky innatness (statement not remembered)

48: Pitch stress. Intonation

49: Duality ( Phonetic/phonology, sound/meaning, morphology/syntax?

50: Bilingualism ( +ve effect on children)

51. Freedom librty. Synonym

52. Not communicative aspect. (Interactive, lexical, discourse)

53. Largest producer of shale gas. Usa


55. QUIAD resigned congress. 1920

56. Not a security risk.-spam

57: my fair lady is cinematic version of. Pygmalion

58: 15% of (120) is 102

59: (57)

60: Midsummer Night Dream Prank: Answer about Ass

61: Heaven in Paradise lost : Top/ Profound Wisdom

62: Shale Gas largest producer: USA

63: Most important in tragedy. Plot

64: least important in tragedy : spactacle

65: Aristotle view about poetry : Urge of Imimtation

66. Governer state Bank- Tariq bajwa

67. Power given to president 18th amendment

68. Nadine Godiner from- South Africa

69. Overseas minister- pir sadaruddin

70. Sleepless lovers wake at- noon

71: Kurtz died. in marlow steamer

72. Zaer zabar krna. Ult pult krna

73. Umrao jaan writer. Ruswae

74. 1 or more Independent Clauses= compound sentence

75: language system of . Symbols

76: Morphology. Word Structure

79. 2 questions from (animal farm)

81. Lavinia spy her mother. Both NY and Boston

82. (At) the age of 8.

83. Qualitiy to make words with words. Infinite generativity

84. Life according to keats. Mansion of apartments

85. Cristine couterpart in. (…)

86. Clytemnestra slaugter her husband with the help of. (…….)

87. Shortcut key to increase let indent. (……)

88. Primarily plant gets nitrogen from. Soil

89. UN organisation for refugees. UNHCR

90. Why gulliver giver title of nadacar. ( blufescu fleet)

91. University wits were. Playrights

92. Othello kill desdimona. Smoother her

93. Hamlet n laerts fight. In the grave

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