G.K Solved MCQS Set 1


         Exam #General_Knowledge_MCQs

 Q.1   In which year Jasmine was choosen as the national  Flower of Pakistan ?

a. 1960

b. 1961✅

c. 1962

d. 1963

Q.2   Surah Rehman is in which Parra ?

a. 26

b. 27✅

c. 28

d. 29

Q.3  On the bank of which river Harappa is located ?

a. Sutlaj

b. Chenab

c. Ravi✅

d. Jehlium

Q.4   He is died ____ Malaria ?

a. Of✅

b. For

c. In

d. To

Q.5    Which country has 11 official languages ?

a. South Africa✅

b. North Afirca

c. Austrilia 

d. Denmark

Q.6   When first battle of paniput held ?

a. 1526✅

b. 1556

c. 1566

d. 1767

Q.7    Year of cripps mission in India ? 

a. 1942✅

b. 1944

c. 1945

d. 1946

Q.8  Date of Ghazwae Uhad ?

a. 1 Shaban 3 hijra

b. 2. Shaban 3 hijra

c. 3. Shaban 3 hijra✅

d. 4. Shaban 3 hijra

Q.9 World largest meusium located in ?

a. London 

b. Newyork 

c. Pairs 

d. Washington D.C

Q.10 Which sports ground has dimond shape ?

a. Snow hockey 

b. Tanis 

c. Polo 

d. Base ball✅

Q.11Total area of FATA ?

a. 74521 

b. 13785 

c. 27220 ✅

d. 13987

Q.12 Tomb of baba bulleh shah ? 

a. Uch 

b. Kasur ✅

c. Multan 

d. Lahore

Q.13 Which article of constitution deals with labour and slavry ?

a. Article 9 

b. Articule 11 ✅

c. Articule 13 

d. Article 15

Q.14 How many basic principal organs of United Nations ?

a. 4 

b. 5 

c. 6 ✅

d. 7

Q.15. Head Qurter of SARRC ? 

a. Dhaka 

b. Moscow 

c. Nepal ✅

d. Kabul

Q.16 Ghazwae Tabook fought aganist ?

a. Quresh 

b. Jews 

c. Chirstans 

d. Romans✅

Q.17 Book “Jinnah of Pakistan” is written by ?

a. Ch Rehmat Ali 

b. Betrend Russel 

c. Stanly wolperd ✅

d. Amar Jalil


65 is international calling code of ?

a. Singapur ✅

b. UAE

c. Azerbaijan 

d. Spain

Q.19 How many planats in our soler system ?

a. 7 

b. 8 ✅

c. 9 

d. 10

Plato is not the part of it

20. Currnt chairman of CPEC ?

a. Asim Saleem Bajwa ✅

b. Iqbal Bajwa 

c. Qamer Javeed Bajwa 

d. Javeed Jahangir Bajwa


Q1. Urdu was declared national language of Pakistan in:*

*(a) April 1950✅*

*(b) April 1955*

*(c) April 1954*

*(d) April 1952*

*Q2 When did Liaquat Ali Khan visit USA?*

*A. 1948*

*B. 1949*

*C. 1950✅*

*D. 1952*

*Q3 Babri Masjid incident was occurred on ?*

*A. 6 December 1987*

*B. 6 December 1990*

*C. 6 December 1992✅*

*D. None of the above*

*Q5 Urdu was declared national language of Pakistan in:*

*(a) April 1950✅*

*(b) April 1955*

*(c) April 1954*

*(d) April 1952*

*Q6 National Vegetable of Pakistan is_________?* *A: Carrot*

*B: Tomato*

*C: Lady Finger✅*

*D: All of these*

*Q7 Which is the coldest place in Pakistan?*

*A. Ayubia*

*B. Malam Jabba*

*C. Skardu✅*

*D. Nathia gali*

*Q8.Pakistan Purchased GAWADAR from —-*

*(d) OMAN✅*

*Q#1:: According to Referendum , British got votes in favour  to leave Brexit.*

*D. 51.89%✅*

*Q#2:::Who is called “saqi zam zam”?*

*(a) Hazrat Abbas (RA)✅*

*Q#3::Who was the first chief justice of Pakistan ?* 

*A. Justice Abdur Rasheed✅*

*Q#4:::The first editor of dawn was?*

*A. Pothen Joseph✅       

*Q#5:Sky News is the news channel of _______.*

*D. England✅*

*Q#7:Jamrud is called Gateway to _______.*

*C. Khyber Pass

*Q#7::When was the Qiblah changed?*

*(A) 2nd Hijri✅*

*Q#8::As per agreement on Kartarpur Corridor, How many many Sikhs can travel daily to Gurdwara Kartarpur-Sikhism’s holiest pilgrimage site in Narwal District of Punjab (Pak)?*

*C. 5000

صرف تین اجزاء سے کولیسٹرول کنٹرول کریں!*

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