Please send to me answers if someone knows regarding following questions. Q1: what is the old English epic beowulf about? Ans: epic legends of beowulf Q2: who introduced MBK pentameter into English poetry Ans: chaucer  Q3:which three forms of English poetry flourished during the elizabethan age of English literature? Ans: sonnets blank verse  Q4: name … Read more

Short summaries of 100 famous novels of English literature

 ##100  Novels πŸ“šπŸ“š for those who have Literature in their blood  and Language in their brains.  πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ ♦️1. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan (1678) A story of a man in search of truth told with the simple clarity and beauty of Bunyan’s prose make this the ultimate English classic. ♦️2. Robinson Crusoeby Daniel Defoe … Read more

Past papers Questions

Past papers Questions Q.1 Which among the following group of writers is labelled as β€œUniversity Wits”? Thomas Lodge, Thomas Wilson, Walter RaleighJohn Fletcher, Ben Jonson, George PeeleThomas kyd, Francis Beaumont, John LylyChristopher Marlowe, Robert Greene, Thomas NasheAnswer: 4 Q.2 which cultural analyst has combined the study of different dimensions of youth culture with commentary on … Read more

Syllable Rules

Syllable  Rules The vowels are “a,e,i,o, and u”; also sometimes “y” & “w”. This also includes the diphthongs “oi,oy,ou,ow,au,aw, oo” and many others.The consonants are all the other letters which stop or limit the flow of air from the throat in speech. They are: “b,c,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,p,qu,r,s,t,v,w,x,y,z,ch,sh,th,ph,wh, ng, and gh”. 1. Sometimes the rules don’t work.There are … Read more


#DOCTOR_FAUSTUS       #A_Tragic_Hero     Doctor Faustus is a short play written by Christopher Marlowe that follows the character of Faustus and his thirst for power and knowledge. In the beginning, Faustus is consumed with the question of what is the profession that will gain the most knowledge. After analyzing logic, law, medicine, and … Read more