9th Class Biology Guess paper 2023 pdf

9th Class Biology Guess paper 2023 pdf
9th Class Biology Guess paper 2023 pdf

This is latest 9th class biology guess paper 2023 for Punjab Board. An estimate of biology was previously published on Zahid Notes. But this one is in Urdu medium and also available in pdf format. So you can easily download the pdf puzzle from here.

Please note that this is a 9th grade biology one day formula. Muhammad Qadir Rafique is the author of this estimate. It is well known for puzzles.

Class 9 Biology Paper 2023
This tip paper is for all Punjab boards. Hint paper is a one day preparation formula for 9th grade biology students. This is Urdu paper of medium estimation.

I have also updated the biology 9th class guess paper 2023 you can also see the guess paper.

The 9th grade biology puzzle contains the following:

  • Important solved MCQs from the entire book
  • Important short questions from the book
  • Important long questions
    Class 9 Biology Paper in Urdu 2023
    The argument is made according to the pair scheme of the 9th grade of biology. So this one day formula will give you more than 40 marks in a single day of preparation.

Guess papers are for those students who want to get marks. If you are a brilliant student, don’t just rely on the paper for guessing. Prepare yourself fully. You can also download.
9th class biology guess paper 2023 English medium
You can download the argument in pdf, but this time it is also here in text form. This means you can copy the text and share it via WhatsApp or as a text message. Now it’s up to you how you use this guessing paper.
Students who may choose to prepare this tip paper should know that not all papers on the board will come from this tip paper. Some boards may be 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% and even 90% of this estimate.

Here are chapter important biology short questions for class 9. This tip paper is English medium.

9th Class Biology Important Questions 2023

Chapter 1

Important Short questions

  1. Define biology.
  2. Define anatomy.
  3. Define taxonomy.
  4. Define genetics and biotechnology.
  5. What are parasites?
  6. Define agriculture, horticulture and agriculture.
  7. Distinguish between population and community.
  8. Write the scientific names of crow, frog, mustard, onion
  9. Define fossil.
  10. Difference between unicellular and multicellular organism.

Important Long questions

  1. Write a note on Muslim scholars.
  2. Describe the relationship of biology with other sciences.
  3. Name four careers in biology.
  4. Write a note on tissue, organ and organ system

Chapter 2

Important Short questions

  1. Difference between theory and law.
  2. Why are quantitative observations considered better than qualitative observations?
  3. Using examples, distinguish between quantitative and qualitative observation.
  4. Define bioinformatics.
  5. What is the incubation period?
  6. Define scientific method and biological method.
  7. What do you understand by biological problem?
  8. Write the observations of Dr. A.F.A King on Malaria.
  9. Write a characteristic of a good hypothesis.
  10. How do we create a hypothesis?
  11. What is meant by deductions?

Chapter 3

Important Short questions

  1. Define biodiversity.
  2. Briefly describe the meaning of biodiversity.
  3. Write the objectives of the classification.
  4. What do you understand by binomial nomenclature?
  5. Describe the relationship between taxonomy and systematics.
  6. Distinguish between the terms “significant” and endangered species.
  7. Distinguish the methods of nutrition in plants and fungi.
  8. Why are viruses not part of any kingdom? OR What is the place of viruses in classification?
  9. What does deforestation mean?
  10. How does a scientist name living organisms?
  11. What are monera ?
  12. Write the names of the systems of the five realms.

Important long questions

  1. How human activities affect biodiversity.
  2. Write the objectives and rules of binomial nomenclature
  3. Write the objectives and rules of classification.
  4. State the importance of biodiversity.


Important Short questions

  1. Define cell theory. Write its principles.
  2. Write the functions of leucoplasts and chromoplasts.
  3. Distinguish between diffusion, facilitated diffusion, and active transport.
  4. What is meant by hypertonic and hypotonic solutions
  5. What is Golgi apparatus or Golgi complex?
  6. What is osmosis?
  7. Distinguish between endocytosis and exocytosis.
  8. Differentiation of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.
  9. What are voluntary and involuntary muscles?
  10. Write the name of two tissues found in Plants.
  11. Write about phagocytosis and pinocytosis.
  12. Write the function of plasmodesmata.
  13. What is meant by diffusion and facilitated diffusion?
  14. Define magnification and result.

Important long questions

  1. Write a note on meristematic tissues of plants and muscle tissues of animals.
  2. Write the structure and functions of the kernel.
  3. Write the functions of the cell membrane and the cell wall.
  4. What is a cytoskeleton? Give its importance.
  5. Write a note on endoplasmic reticulum, epidermal tissue.


Important Short questions

  1. Define the cell cycle and write the names of its main phases.
  2. Distinguish between somatic cells and germ cells.
  3. What are regenerations?
  4. How does asexual reproduction occur in hydra?
  5. Differentiate between benign and malignant tumors.
  6. What is metastasis?
  7. Difference between mitosis and meiosis.
  8. What is transition?
  9. What is disjunction and nondisjunction?
  10. What are apoptotic bodies?
  11. What is phragmoplast?
  12. What does G0 and G1 phase mean?
  13. Define asexual reproduction with an example.
  14. What is meant by cytokinesis and karyokinesis?

Chapter 6

Important short questions

  1. What are biocatalysts?
  2. What are enzymes?
  3. Distinguish between substrates and products.
  4. What is activation energy?
  5. Define cofactors, coenzymes, and prosthetic groups.
  6. Write about the use of enzymes in the paper industry.
  7. How are enzymes denatured?
  8. How do enzymes lower the activation energy?
  9. Difference between anabolism and catabolism.
  10. What does optimum pH mean for an enzyme?
  11. Write about induced fit model and Lock and key model of enzyme action.


Important Short questions

  1. Define bioenergetics.
  2. What is ATP? Write the names of its subunits.
  3. Write the meaning of anaerobic respiration.
  4. Distinguish between aerobic and anaerobic respiration.
  5. Define cellular respiration.
  6. What is an electron transport chain?
  7. Differentiate between alcoholic fermentation and lactic fermentation.
  8. Compare respiration and photosynthesis.
  9. What is glycolysis?
  10. What is meant by light reaction and dark reaction?
  11. What is an electron transport chain? how are they formed?
  12. Briefly explain oxidation and reduction processes.

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