80 English literature solved mcqs




01. A Passage to India is written by-

Answer:: E. M. Forster(Edward Morgan Forster)

02. Caesar and Cleopatra is a play by

Answer:: G. B. Shaw(George Bernard Shaw)

03. David Copperfield and The Tale of two Cities  are written by-

Answer:: Charles Dickens.

04. Frailty thy name is woman – is a dialogue by-

Answer:: William Shakespeare

05. Gerontion is a poem by-

Answer:: T. S. Eliot(Thomas Stearns Eliot)

06. Man is a political animal ______ who said this?

Answer:: Aristotle

07. Paradise Lost attempted to ____

Answer:: Justify the way of God to man.

08. Rider to the Sea is-

Answer:: a one-act play.

09. _______ is Shakespeare’s last play.

Answer:: Tempest

10. `Billet Doux’ means-

Answer:: Love letter

11. A fantasy is-

Answer:: an imaginary story.

12. Browning was the composer of the poem-

Answer:: Andrea del Sarto.

13. Charles dickens is a great –

Answer:: Novelist

14. Child is father of man’ is from the writing of –

Answer:: William Wordsworth

15. Christopher Marlowe is the writer of _______ period?

Answer:: Elizabethan

16. David Copperfield is a______novel.

Answer:: Victorian.

17. Dr. Faustus was written by –

Answer:: Christopher marlowe

18. Duration of ‘The Age of Sensitivity’ is

Answer:: 1745-1798

19. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard is written by-

Answer:: Thomas Gray.

20. Gitanjali of Rabindranath was translated by-

Answer:: W.B. Yeats( William Butler Yeats)

21. Hasting day in To Daffodils means –

Answer:: Hurriedly passing day

22. He prayeth best, who loveth best, all things great and small- who has written this?

Answer:: S. T. Coleridge(Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

23. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? These lines were written by-

Answer:: P. B. Shelley(Percy Bysshe Shelley)

24. In which century was the Victorian period?

Answer:: 19th century.

25. Jude the obscure is written by-

Answer:: Thomas hardy

26. Julius Caesar is-

Answer:: A tragedy

27. Justice delayed is justice denied was stated by?

Answer:: Gladstone

28. Keats is a ______

Answer:: Poet of sensuousness

29. London town is found a living being in the works of –

Answer:: Charles Dickens.

30. Lyrical ballad was published in the year of –

Answer:: 1798

31. Matthew Arnold is a poet of ____.

Answer:: Victorian poet

32. Oenone is a poem by-

Answer:: Alfred Tennyson

33. Othello gave Desdemona _____ as a token of love.

Answer:: Handkerchief

34. Othello is a Shakespeare’s play about-

Answer:: A Moor.

35. Renaissance is _____ word.

Answer:: An Italian

36. Robert Browning is the poet of______ Age?

Answer:: Victorian

37. Romanticism is mainly connected with-

Answer:: Love and beauty

38. S. T. Coleridge is a Writer of ______age.

Answer:: Romantic age

39. Shakespeare composed much of his play in-

Answer:: Iambic Pentameter.

40. Shakespeare is mostly known for his-

Answer:: PLAYS

41. Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure is a successful –

Answer:: comedy

42. Tennyson’s in Memoriam is-

Answer:: An elegy

43. The author of For Whom the Bell Tolls?

Answer:: Ernest Hemingway.

44. The author of Road to Freedom is-

Answer:: Bertrand Russell

45. The Climax of a plot happens-

Answer:: at the height.

46. The first English dictionary was compiled by-

Answer:: Samuel Johnson.

47. The first English novel Pamela has been written by-

Answer:: Samuel Richardson

48. The latest ages in literary history is –

Answer:: Georgian Age

49. The literary work Kubla Khan is a verse by-

Answer:: S. T. Coleridge.

50. The Merchant of Venice is a Shakespearean play about-

Answer:: a Jew.

51. The picture of the Dorian Gray is written by –

Answer:: Oscar Wilde

52. The play Arms and the Man is by-

Answer:: G.B. Shaw.

53. The play Candida is by-

Answer:: G. B. Shaw(George Bernard Shaw)

54. The poem Isle of Innisfree is written by-

Answer:: W. B. Yeats.

55. The poem The Solitary Reaper is by-

Answer:: William Wordsworth.

56. The poet Laureate is-

Answer:: The court poet of England.

57. The poet of nature is-

Answer:: William Wordsworth.

58. The Rainbow is a novel by –

Answer:: D. H. Lawrence (David Herbert Lawrence)

59. The Rainbow’ is a novel by –

Answer:: D. H. Lawrence

60. The real name of O’ Henry?

Answer:: William Sydney Porter.

61. The Return of Nature, Far from the Madding Crowd are written by –

Answer:: Thomas Hardy

62. The romantic age began with the publication of-

Answer:: Lyrical Ballad.

63. The Tempest and The Mid Summer Night’s Dream are written by –

Answer:: William Shakespeare

64. To be, or not to be, that is the question – is a famous dialogue from-

Answer:: Hamlet.

65. To justify the way of God to man is the theme of –

Answer:: Paradise lost

66. To the Light House is written by –

Answer:: Virginia Woolf

67. Tom Jones by Henry Fielding was first published in-

Answer:: 1749

68. Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink ‘ occurs in –

Answer:: The Ancient Mariner

69. Who has written the play Volpone?

Answer:: Ben Jonson.

70. Who is known as poet and painter?

Answer:: William Blake.

71. Who is known as the rebel poet of English Literature?

Answer:: Lord Byron

72. Who is the author of A Farewell to Arms?

Answer:: Ernest Hemingway.

73. Who is the author of Animal Farm?

Answer:: George Orwell.

74. Who is the author of India Wins Freedom?

Answer:: Abul Kalam Azad.

75. Who is the greatest modern English dramatist?

Answer:: G. B. Shaw(George Bernard Shaw)

76. Who is the modern philosopher who was awarded Noble Prize for Literature?

Answer:: Bertrand Russel.

77. Who is the most famous satirist in English literature?

Answer:: Jonathan Swift.

78. Who wrote Beauty is truth, truth beauty?

Answer:: John Keats

79. Who wrote Biographia Literaria?

Answer:: Samuel Tylor Coleridge.

80. Who wrote Prometheus Unbound?

Answer:: P. B. Shelly




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