60 solved Mcqs of English literature

 1. Chaucer served in the English army under which king ? 

(a) Henry iii

(b) Edward ii

(c) Edward iii  ☑

(d) Richard ii

2. Which of the tale tellers has a conspicuous hairy wart ? 

(a)The coachman 

(b) The miller ☑

(c) The tailor 

(d) The weaver 

3. How many plays did William Shakespeare write ? 

(a) 36

(b) 37☑

(c) 38

(d) 39

4. The line ” to be or not to be ” comes from which play ? 

(a) Macbeth 

(b) twelfth night 

(c) A midsummer Night’s dream 

(d) Hamlet ☑

5. Which famous Shakespearean play does the quote,  ” my salad days, when I was green in judgment ” come from ? 

(a) antony and cleopatra ☑

(b) hamlet 

(c) The winter’s tale 

(d) The merry wives of Windsor 

6. In what year was the first Folio published ? 

(a) 1626

(b) 1621

(c) 1623☑

(d) 1629

7. Which river is associated with Shakespeare’s birth ? 

(a) The Thames 

(b) The Avon ☑

(c) The Tyburn 

(d) The seven 

8. In 1613 The Globe theater burned down during a production of which play ? 

(a) king John 

(b) Richard II 

(c) Henry viii☑

(d) Henry V

9. Who among these characters says this ” it is no sin to deceive a Christian ? 

(a) shylock 

(b) Shakespeare 

(c) Barabus 

(d) Jew of Malta ☑

10. Pick the place where Twelfth Night has been set ? 

(a) Kingdom of Denmark 

(b) Kingdom of illyria ☑

(c) Venice 

(d) Beach Island 

11. Gratiano and Nerrissa are the characters in ? 

(a) house of fame 

(b) merchant of Venice ☑

(c) king Lear 

(d) Othello 

12. ” HORATIO I AM DEAD ” find the literary device employed here ? 

(a) prolepsis ☑

(b) anagnorisis 

(c) hamartia 

(d) aporia 

13. In ” Tempest ” who attempts to rape Miranda ? 

(a) ferdinand 

(b) caliban ☑

(c) trinculo 

(d) alonso 

14. ” Ripeness is all ” occurs in ? 

(a) hamlet 

(b) king Lear ☑

(c) Macbeth 

(d) Othello 

15. ” Full Fathom five thy father lies ” where do we find these lines ? 

(a) A midsummer night’s dream 

(b) A winter’s tale 

(c) The taming of the shrew 

(d) The Tempest ☑

16. ” Readiness is all ” occurs in ? 

(a) Julius Caesar 

(b) Othello 

(c) Macbeth 

(d) Hamlet ☑

17.  Whom did Charles lamb call ” a prose Shakespeare” ? 

(a) Thomas heywood ☑

(b) Thomas Middleton 

(c) Thomas dekker 

(d) Thomas kyd 

18. Who is called the dickens of Elizabethan age ? 

(a) Thomas heywood 

(b) John Marston 

(c) Thomas dekker ☑

(d) George Chapman 

19. Who coined the phrase  “Marlowe’s mighty line” ? 

(a) Samuel Johnson 

(b) Ben Johnson ☑

(c) Mathew Arnold 

(d) Richard Steele 

20. Which play of Shakespeare is a ” conversation play ” ? 

(a) measure for measure 

(b) much ado about nothing 

(c) Twelfth night 

(d) All’s well that ends well ☑

21. ” Life of Shakespeare ” is written by ? 

(a) Sidney Lee ☑

(b) Philip Sidney 

(c) Marlowe 

(d) spencer 

22. Who completed Christopher Marlowe’s ” Hero and Leander ” ? 

(a) Ben Johnson 

(b) Shakespeare 

(c) Chapman ☑

(d) heywood 

23. In which tale of Chaucer, a daughter is killed by her father ? 

(a) The monk’s tale 

(b) The physician’s tale ☑

(c) The friar’s tale 

(d) The clerk’s tale 

24.  In whose story, the character of Griselda appear ? 

(a) The clerk’s tale ☑

(b) The Reeve’s tale 

(c) The miller’s tale 

(d) The friar’s tale 

25. Who is known as the Chaucer of Scotland ? 

(a) William Dunbar ☑

(b)  Robert Henryson 

(c) John lydgate 

(d) Gavin Douglas 

26. The schoolmaster by Roger Ascham is a/an ? 

(a) morality play 

(b) human ideal 

(c) educational treatise ☑

(d) all of the above 

27. Who is known as the connecting link between Chaucer and Spenser ? 

(a) Henry Howard 

(b) Thomas Sackville ☑

(c) Roger Ascham 

(d) Sir Thomas Wyatt 

28.  When did the Great fire of London take place ? 

(a) 1610 

(b) 1606

(c) 1640

(d) 1666☑

29. Chaucer was called ” the earliest of the Great moderns” and was also called, ” The morning star of the Renaissance “. Who initiated these remarks ? 

(a) Kittredge 

(b) Hudson 

(c) Albert ☑

(d) Pope 

30. Which literary form, developed in the fifteenth century, personified vices and virtues ? 

(a) The short story 

(b) The heroic epic 

(c) The morality play ☑

31. What was the duration of hundred year’s war ? 

(a) 1300 to 1350

(b) 1337 to 1453☑

(c) 1302 to 1343 

(d) 1337 to 1437

32. In which year Chaucer was imprisoned by the French ? 

(a) 1360☑

(b) 1357

(c) 1378

(d) 1385

33. ” All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand ” line is taken from ? 

(a) act ii scene i

(b) act v scene i☑

(c) act iii scene ii

(d) act iv scene iii 

34. We suddenly see England, ” a noble and puissant nation, rousing herself like a strong man after sleep and shaking her invincible locks “. 

This statement is associated with ? 

(a) Shakespeare 

(b) Queen Elizabeth 

(c) Milton ☑

(d) Ben Johnson 

35. Edmund Spenser’s only prose work is ? 

(a) Shepherd’s Calender

(b) The Faerie Queene 

(c) view of the state of Ireland ☑

(d) Colin clouts come home again 

36. Real Bible is written in ? 

(a) Latin 

(b) English 

(c) Hebrew ☑

(d) Dutch 

37. How many religious characters are there in Canterbury tales ? 

(a) 6

(b) 3

(c) 8☑

(d) 4

38.  ” If gold rust what shall iron do “. 

(a) Knight 

(b) Parson 

(c) Clerk

(d) Summoner

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