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🌻Essay on Man – a poem by Pope

🌻Essay on Milton – a prose by Macaulay

🌻Essay on Criticism – a poem by Pope

🌻Essay In Criticism – a prose by Mathew Arnold

🌻Essays of Elia – Charles Lamb

🌻Essays of Ancient & Modern – T. S. Eliot

🌻The Rape of the Lock – epic poem by Pope

🌻The Rape of the Lucrecee – a long poem by Shakespeare

🌻The way of the World – A comedy by William Congrave 

🌻The Way of All Flesh – a novel by Samuel Butler.

🌻The Prelude – A poem by William Wordsworth 

🌻Preludes – A poem by T. S. Eliot

🌻Elizabethan Essays – Prose by T. S. Eliot

🌻Elizabeth and Essex – prose by Lytton Stretchey

🌻Everyman – One of the best known morality plays.

🌻Everyman in His Humour – Satirical comedy by Ben Jonson.

🌻The Book of The Duchesse – A poem by Chaucer

🌻The Book of Martyrs – a story by John Foxe

🌻The Pilgrim’s Progress – by John Bunyan

🌻The Pilgrim’s of the Rhine – by Bulwer Lytton

🌻The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gent – a novel by Sterne

🌻Tristram & Iscult – Matthew Arnold

🌻Lyrical Ballads – Collection poems by Coleridge & Wordsworth

🌻Prefare to Lyrical Bullads – A prose by Wordsworth.

🌻All for love – A blank verse tragedy by Dryden

🌻Love labour lost – A drama by Shakespeare

🌻A portrait of The Artist as a Young man- A novel by Joyce

🌻Portrait of dare – a novel by Francis Bret James

🌻A portrait of A lady – a novel by Henry James

🌻The Duchess of Dadna – a drama by Oscar Wilde

🌻The Duchess of Malfi – tragedy John Webster

🌻A Tale of Two cities – a novel by Dickens

🌻A Tale of Manchester Life – a novel by Mrs. E. Gaskell

🌻The Anatomy of Melancholy – a critique by Robert Burton

🌻The Anatomy of the world – a poem on prince Henry written by 


🌻The Battle of Books – a satire by swift

🌻The Battle of Maldon – Anclo Saxon war poem.

🌻A women killed with kindress – a drama by Heywood

🌻The woman in the Moon – a play by Lily

🌻Ode on The Nativity – a poem by Milton

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